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Första lektionen gratis!

Första lektionen gratis!

Italian native mastered in a British University teaches Italian language classes! (10 years of experience)


Deborah är en av de bästa lärarna. Högkvalitativ profil, verifierade kvalifikationer, snabb responstid och bra feedback från studenter!

Om lektionen

My methodology is tailored to the student's needs. I usually use a book published by the Italian University for Foreigners Press in Siena and additional grammar (in English). The classes are mostly 70% speaking and 30% grammar/listening/reading.
I taught Italian to kids and adults, both for academic, professional and leisure purposes.
The classes are taught on Zoom or Google Meets-I am Italy based- and I will provide you with all the study material!
I can't speak Swedish so the classes will be in English - if your Italian level is low- or Italian.


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Om Deborah

If you want to learn Italian from an Italian native, feel free to contact me.
How all of this started?
I have started teaching Italian for foreigners in 2012 at a Chinese School in Italy.
One day, the principal of the school attended my class and she suggested me to start, also, private tutoring.
So, I started to teach private classes and I loved each of them.
My students were so various !
One Russian girl was planning to get married to an Italian man and she needed italian language to speak with her in-laws,
Another French student was a wine-passionate so we started to study-together- the different Italian wines tha you can find in the different regions,
Another one was an American cellist that needed to learn Italian language to speak with the orchestra!
A Southafrican teen that had Italian origins because his grandfather was imprisoned in South Africa during the Second World War...
Since 2015, I kept teaching even besides my 'official'job because I do think that each of us has a story and languages help us to communicate, to create a connection, to share.
And, I love sharing and listening different stories.
I do teach:
Italian language for kids,
Italian language for Business,
Support for academic modules in Italian
Support for dissertation and essays' writing,
Italian & Culture ( general course)



  • 5h 1250kr
  • 10h 2500kr


  • 250kr/h

gratis lektioner

  • 30min


I offer the first class for free!
The price is 250 crowns an hour
1200 x 5 classes
2300 x 10 classes!


Ta reda på mer om Deborah

  • 01

    Pratar du detta språk flytande på grund av ditt ursprung eller var det till exempel en lärare motiverade dig att lära dig mer?

    I am Italian so I can speak italian because it is my native Language . Thus, I remember I particularly enjoyed italian literature classes during high school.

  • 02

    Välj en person, historisk eller fiktiv, som enligt din mening är den symboliska representanten för det här språkets kultur.

    Too many famous Italians in all the fields so it is difficult. Speaking about the Language itself, well, Dante Alighieri.

  • 03

    Är det ett typiskt ord, uttryck, tradition eller beteende som du tycker är särskilt roligt?

    Mmh, when foreigners close a call they simply say goodbye once. We keep saying ciao ciao ciao ciao like 10 times

  • 04

    Varför är det viktigt att kunna prata det här språket, oavsett om det är för utbildning, yrke eller av personliga skäl?

    The majority of my students have italian origins or want to buy a summer house in Italy. Others simply love the sound. One or two were in love with Italians… these are valid reasons but I believe is important if you want to spend holidays or move to Italy as Italians have not a high level of English.

  • 05

    Vad är den största svårigheten med detta språk och vad kan göra inlärningen enklare?

    For Swedes, the grammar for sure and the sound 'gli'. How to overcome it? Study daily and practise a little bit everyday! Some ideas are writing your shopping list in italian, try to order italian food with the right pronunciation, listen to a song…

  • 06

    Har du en anekdot relaterad till ditt yrke eller din utbildning som du vill berätta om?

    A student of mine started to use sticky notes in his house to label different items in Italian. Good exercise but at some point he had to remove some because they were too many!!!

  • 07

    Hjälp oss att lära känna dig bättre genom att berätta om dina olika resor.

    I lived and worked in 5 countries: China, UK, Italy, Czech Republic and Belgium ( Currently) with a short period in Stockholm!

    Love travelling, swimming, reading, sushi, blue and sunsets.

    Curiosity: I have a star named after me in the Cassiopeia constellation!

  • 08

    Vad gör dig till en Superprof förutom förmågan att prata flera språk?

    I enjoy knowing people from different cultures and I feel very lucky in Learning daily together with my students! I Always tailor-made classes according to their interests- wine, photography, arts, travelling, business!

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