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Personal stylist and shopper with a keen eye for your styling needs


Everyone's personal style should reflect the individual's lifestyle and characteristics. Blindly following fashion trend would is what makes a person's fashion sense unauthentic. In other words, not chic. What I do, first thing first, is to get to you know so I can have a deep understanding of who you really are in order to connect you to the style you are subconsciously looking for but couldn't achieve. Afterwards I will look through your wardrobe to pick and choose what should be kept and what should be sold/donated. Sustainability is also what I emphasize on the daily, so make sure you are comfortable with buying pre-loved items (except for some basics and intimates). There will be activities such as homeworks (of course!), shopping trips (online or irl, yay), makeover (makeup and hair), and presentations (you present to me so I trust you've completely grasped your unique mega style).
The online parts of my courses will only be conducted through Whatsapp or Viber in English.


I am not a blogger, Youtuber, nor social media influencer. I'm kind of old school and low profile. I know what is chic and what is cheap. I'd suggest you to think of me as the buyer or curator for mytheresa.com or vestiairecollective.com, with humor of a standup comedian.
I started out as a freelance fashion makeup artist and editorial stylist in over 12 cities for 10+ years, before the digital times (no I'm not that old but I started when I was 16). I have developed a keen eye for fashion and beauty, and a talent to establish deep connection with clients, which is essential to guiding them their unique personal style developments. Currently working as a celebrity/socialite stylist in Athens. I also have my own online secondhand store I manage while back in Stockholm. If you're looking for a complete makeover, or just some extra tips on your already impeccable style, let's meet online and see what I can do for you. I'm located in Hornstull, Stockholm, when I'm back in Sweden every other week. So if you like me, we can start right away.


Priser för webbkamerakurs : 125kr/h


One month personal style facelift: 1350sek/12 hours
- personal style guidance 5 hours (through Whatsapp or Viber for the online portion of this course)
- shopping trips online or in Stockholm 5 hours
- activities (homeworks, presentation) 2 hours
(Durations may vary depending on personal needs)

Kurs som erbjuds av Heather
Dessa kurser kan äga rum
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Heathers CV

Freelance makeup artist 1996-2006:
- fashion editorial makeup for Vogue China, Elle Taiwan, Elle Japan, Glamour US, iD
- editorial styling for Harpers Bazaar HK, Glamour US, iD
- Vancouver fashion week, Toronto fashion week, New York fashion week, Paris fashion week, London fashion week

MAC retail cosmetics trainer, Canada 2004-2006

MAC product testing 2002-2006

Personal stylist 2006 - 2019
- Vancouver, Athens

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