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Lets better your English in the heart of Jämtland, with Claire Rees


I like to teach in a very flexible way, and to suit peoples needs. I like to build relationships with my pupils and help them to develop in their own unique way.


I am from Wales, and I have lived in Sweden for just over 7 years. My background in Wales, was project management, and teaching healthy lifestyles.


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Kurs som erbjuds av Claire
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Claires CV

Curriculum vitae
Name: Mrs Claire Rees

Key Attributes
Self-motivated and enthusiastic person who can deal with situations in a calm, and professional manner. A people person with good communication skills, and is excellent at accessing a situation and dealing with it accordingly.
Full drivers licence

● Premier Training & Development Diploma, Cardiff – 1999
● Qualified Body Balance instructor, Essex – 2000
● Qualified “Kids fit” instructor, Cardiff – 2000
● Aero bike instructor, Llantrisant – 2001
● Exercise to music instructor, Swansea – 2002
● Yogawise, Level 1 and 2, Cardiff – 2002
● Corporate Finance
o General Ledger Enquiries and purchase ledger authorisation
● NVQ Level 3, GP referrals
● Information Technology Services
o Microsoft Excel 2000 – Level 1
● CERT ED/PGCE 2005-2007
o Introduction to learning and teaching using physiology methods
o Barriers to learning
o Alternative learning and teaching strategies
o Basic skills and inclusive learning
o Evaluation
o Politics around learning/teaching
o The theories around teams and building relationships
o Experience in seminars, discussions, and teaching
● ILM (Institute of leadership management)
o Understanding and developing staff
o Managing staff in the workplace
o Developing one to one interviews
o Interviewing skills
o How to construct a positive disciplinary procedure
o How to manage conflicts
o How to lead a successful team

● Hospitality Awarding Body – April 06
o Level 1 introductory certificate in customer service
● INWA instructor course – January 2008
● National Bronze vocational for Navigation – March 08
● OCN Level 2 Healthy Eating – July 08
● Managing volunteers course – June 08
o How to advertise, interview and manage volunteers
o Policies and strategies on managing volunteers
● Mountain Leaders course – April 09

Vocational Skills
● RSA level 1 in typewriting
● Zenith Cross Training Circuit 1999 & 2000
● Competed and won the Sextathlon 2000
● Active 8 Personal Development Course
● Computers Open Access Course
● Disability awareness course
● Strength training for women course, plus set up and taught the course
● First Aid at work regularly updated
● Attend regular conferences to improve my professional development, Cardiac Heart Disease, Fitness spectaculars,
● Bavo Training managing volunteers effectively
● Organised events involving the community – 50-mile bike ride, The 3 peaks, outdoor activities events, Race for Health,
● Venture Out events which attracted up to 1000 people
● WCVA managing volunteers
● Chwarae Teg – How to deal with difficult people
● Chwarae Teg – How to build self esteem

Professional Experience
2011 - Present
As well as building our business, I have worked in various other companies on a casual basis such as:
Anja Städservice
Köja, Edsådalen hotel
Ottsjö, Brygghus
Ottsjö Fjällhotellet

2011 – present
Wild Spirit Dog Sledding - Director

Moved to Sweden in 2011, and from this date I have been Co-Managing with my husband our husky tour business.......
We have now developed Jämtland biggest dog sledding tour business, of which my roles are:
Project Manager
Staff Leader
Book Keeper
Booking in guests
Meeting and Greeting guests
Updating the website and social media
Accounts management

2010 – 2014
Wildspirit Bushcraft Project manager

Project manager Wildspirit Bushcraft Wales......Developing the courses, manage the website, facilitate courses, market the business, and maintaining the woodland,

2009 – 2011
Caerphilly Borough council Physical Activity specialist

I work part time with a team of specialists who deliver a Fun food and fitness project for overweight children and their families.
The role specialises in project management, planning lessons, team-work, liaising with families who have special needs, staff management (7 staff), budget management, and excellent organisation and communication skills

. 2008 – 2011 Business Owner
Milestone Activities

As the sole trader of Milestone Activities my main specialising points are:
Activity consultancy, activity agency, project management, bespoke activities, Co-operate and charity team building activities.

As part of the role I have developed skills on: networking, staff management, budgeting, developing policies and strategies, preparing and delivering presentations, liaising professionally with clients, sales, providing quotes and marketing. I have found myself in various situations outside my comfort zone and dealt with the issues in a very professional manner.

. 2006 – 2008 Venture Out Coordinator
Developing the Mentro Allan/Venture Out Bridgend community project, this is a £450,000 project for 4 years developing activities to entice over 50 ladies who are sedentary into physical activity using the outdoor environment.
Networking with other partners/activities leaders to ensure that the project is delivered to a professional standard, ensuring good practice and partnerships are developed.
Identifying suitable activity leaders, and providing them with support to continue their role.
Planning a suitable timetable that fits into activity leaders, and the communities’ diary.
Identifying, and monitoring suitable volunteers for the project, thus ensuring sustainability at the end of the project.
Liase/market the project to the community of hard to reach, e.g. sedentary who haven’t thought about exercise. Ensuring a marketing plan is in place, and adhered to.
Attending community groups and educating them on healthy eating and physical activity.
Organising innovative projects that will attracts people to take part in exercise.
Ongoing qualative and quantative evaluation.
Budget control.
Attend meetings with other partners, and chair the Venture Out sub group meeting.

. 2002 - 2006 Health and Exercise Co-ordinator
As part of the Health Development team the aims were to improve healthy lifestyles through physical Activity in deprived areas. I was responsible for coordinating, delivering, marketing, promoting, budgeting, and customer retention.

. 2000 – 2002 Fitness instructor/coach
As a fitness instructor I was responsible for gym safety, showing people around the gym, writing suitable fitness programmes, and ensuring a safe environment for clients. I devised successful Weight management and Strength Training for Women course alongside a customer retention programme, I also helped with marketing and promoting the gym. I worked well with my colleges and as a team we held events and challenges, which involved raising money for charity.
I continued to develop my skills by attending various courses, which included GP referrals and Cardiac Rehab. With my manager we helped to devise a safe and effective GP referral and Cardiac Rehab scheme.
As a freelance coach I was in charge of coordinating the exercise classes within the Leisure Centre where I instructed.

1997 to 1999 Registered Childminder
1996 – 1997 Business Partner of a Fast Food shop
1995 – 1996 Part time admin assistant for a car manufacture
1985 – 1995 Business Development course for Tesco Stores

● Climbing, Hill walking (completed the Three Peaks), Keeping fit and healthy, Outdoor pursuits, Horse riding, Karate, Challenges e.g.- 5km Barry fun run, Sky diving, Three Peaks walk whilst carrying a concept rower, 210ft abseil all for charity.

Professional and personal ref

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